Genevieve Angelique

Blusher, Writer, Star-Goggles Wearer


If you’ve always felt a little different from the rest, you’ve come to the right spot. 

And if fructose happens to be your personal form of kryptonite, let’s just say we’re practically kindred spirits, and I haven’t gotten into other essential [nerdy] things.

Like writing.fullsizerender-21

It’s true. I’m a YA writer, so I’ll be sharing my joys, frustrations, and excitement as I journey toward publishdom. Yep, I made that word up. And I’m going to trust my author ego and go with it.

You should also know I’m a typology junkie student with a particular interest in cognitive functions. I can’t help myself. I’m a highly sensitive, curious soul, uniquely wired to see the world through introverted-intuition-feeling {aka INFx}. Through my studies, I’ve discovered I’m not as broken as I used to think. Hence, this ongoing fascination I have with metacognition, type development, nature x nurture, emotions, and creativity.

If you’re following me, we must be kindred spirits. If not, no worries. I keep most of my fandom knowledge in my ballerina music box, sharing my strangest and least-coherent epiphanies with my husband and children. Oh, how lucky they are.

But if you’re not sure, confer with Anne “spelled-with-an-e” Shirley, or check out some of my [perfectly normal] idiosyncrasies here. Otherwise, you can find me @ MyMoon76 on Twitter, @ Genevieve Angelique on GoodReads or @ Genevieve Angelique on Pinterest.  


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. You’re(extremely), talented! Very captivating 🙂 I’m not easily drawn in, when it comes to reading ‘ most people’s’ writing, yet… I couldn’t stop reading, and… So I wanted to just say! Bravo 😉 good for you ! Thanks… Jaybird…

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