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If you’ve always felt a little different from the rest, you’ve come to the right spot.

And if you’re a romantic, well, let’s just say we’re practically kindred spirits, and I haven’t gotten into yummy (Low FODMAP) treats, health journeys, and other essential [nerdy] things.

Like writing.fullsizerender-21

It’s true. I’m a YA writer, so I’ll be sharing my joys, frustrations, and excitement as I journey toward publishdom. Yep, I made that word up. And I’m going to trust my author ego and go with it.

You should also know I’m a typology junkie hobbyist with a particular interest in cognitive functions. I can’t help myself. I’m a highly sensitive, curious soul, falling somewhere between the imaginative and childlike INFPs and the quirky but soft-hearted 479 Tritypes. I don’t have a personality disorder. It’s only that my Fe is as nearly developed as my Fi, and my Ni is even more developed than my Ne. Yes, by integrating the sciences of Socionics and Enneagram {each connected to Jung & Freud respectively}, this is possible. Hence, this ongoing fascination I have with metacognition, type development, nature x nurture, emotions, and creativity.

If you’re following me, we must be kindred spirits. If not, no worries. I keep most of my fandom knowledge in my ballerina music box, sharing my strangest and least-coherent epiphanies with my husband and children. Oh, how lucky they are.

But if you’re not sure, confer with Anne “spelled-with-an-e” Shirley, or check out some of my [perfectly normal] idiosyncrasies here. Otherwise, you can find me @ MyMoon76 on Twitter, @ Genevieve Angelique on GoodReads or @ Genevieve Angelique on Pinterest.  

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. You’re(extremely), talented! Very captivating 🙂 I’m not easily drawn in, when it comes to reading ‘ most people’s’ writing, yet… I couldn’t stop reading, and… So I wanted to just say! Bravo 😉 good for you ! Thanks… Jaybird…

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