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Matched (series)


Matched book series by Ally Condie








Author: Ally Condie

Genre: YA (Dystopian)

In a Snapshot: When Cassia is “matched” by her Society to marry her good friend, Xander, she is relieved. But when she discovers her mysterious friend, Ky, may actually be her true match, Cassia begins a dangerous journey discovering the secrets of her Society and her place within it.

Why I picked it up and why I couldn’t put it down: Well, I am actually writing my third YA novel, and I’ve always wanted to write a book about “matching” people–especially on a genetic compatibility level. You see, in high school, we filled out this personality questionnaire and then if we paid a couple bucks come Valentine’s day, we got a list of our top ten “compatible” matches in our school. Included on my top ten was the boy I dated for two years in HS, as well as, the boy I eventually married! The idea of being “matched” has stuck with me since…

Anyways, I needed to see whether I could continue with my story idea or if I should scrap it (I obviously don’t want to be accused of intellectual copyright infringement). Fortunately my story is very different. Phew! Anyways, what began as (comparable) genre research, ended up being an enjoyable read. I just picked up the final trilogy installment from my library today!

Who will like this? Dystopian enthusiasts (in a vein similar to the bestselling Legend trilogy–another book series to be reviewed shortly). Readers who like love triangles. Readers who could do without explicit sexuality, vulgar language, or violence.

A Favorite Quote:

I came up on the screen, too, Cassia. But he was the one you chose to see.



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  3. Cool! That’s a clever way of loiknog at it!

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