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Fancy Pics, Strange Food, & Writing Delusions: A Pitch Wars Bio


Pitch Wars has begun! It’s run by the fabulous Brenda Drake, and it’s a great opportunity for authors to connect with other talented writers, gifted mentors, and amazing agents. So here’s a little unofficial Pitch Wars bio about me–because this year, I pitched!

Genevieve's BookshelfThis is my fancy picture of myself

Note the much-loved copy of Beauty by Robin McKinley hugged closest to my heart


IMG_3008This is a vintage picture of myself (well, 1.5 years old)

Note my entire family all in one spot, smiling at the same time



 This is what I DON’T eat every day

Note all the fermentable foods I have to avoid to keep myself from autoimmune purgatory

Sounds fun, yes?


 This is what keeps me from wallowing in grain envy

Note the grain free flours which include coconut, almond, and tapioca

Interesting, yes?


This is what I always thought writing would look like

Note the absent scribbled pieces of papers, cold cups of tea, and baggy sweatpants

I’d still like a typewriter like that though


This is what I keep working on as a writer

Note this advice is best used like a band-aid, it hurts less if you just chop all at once

Sorry, it still stings

A wonderful thank you to Brenda Drake for organizing the Pitch Wars. You are amazing.

So are all you mentors, agents, & author-hopefuls…click here to see more Pitch Wars bios. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Fancy Pics, Strange Food, & Writing Delusions: A Pitch Wars Bio

  1. BEAUTY is a favorite of mine, too.

  2. That is a pretty cool typewriter.

    Nice to meet you. 🙂

  3. Very entertaining. (I had no idea there were flours made of coconut or almond. It makes sense, but … yay for learning new things.) Good luck with #PitchWars!

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