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Boutique 1861

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Girly Dresses.

Shabby Chic.


Boutique 1861 has it all. 

While vacationing in Montreal for my 10 year anniversary, I walked into a dream. It was like seeing a collection of all my favorite Etsy dresses or all my Pinterest romantic pins in one physical location.





The store isn’t large. It is, after all, a boutique. But organized by color and theme, there are more than enough dresses to choose from and try on, as well as, enough friendly sales clerks who speak both French and English fluently. 


So, there I was. In Montreal. In a gorgeous French boutique. 

There is only one thing a girl can do when she finds herself in such a situation…



And I have to give Adam the utmost credit: he let me explore all the pretty dresses for over an hour and gave his supportive opinion everytime I opened up the cloth curtain. He even insisted that two dresses, not one, was in order. 

For some odd reason, I wasn’t feeling particularly stubborn and his persuasions were successful. 


I should also mention that the robes (yes, that is french) are reasonably priced. The one I ended up wearing later that night cost only $40. It’s a sweet little cream dress with a white belt and lace top trim. 


So what does a girl do when she discovers her new favorite store is inconveniently located in another country?

She does what any reasonable person would do: she finds her favorite boutique online and tells all the special people in her life where they can buy her next birthday present from. 


If you too have a weakness for romantic french dresses, you can find Boutique 1861 here.  


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