Genevieve Angelique

Blusher, Writer, Star-Goggles Wearer

About Genevieve Angelique


Me (In a Nut Shell):

  • Writer, Creativity Vloggerand SCBWI Blog Editor obsessed with hummingbirds.
  • Trapped inside an INFx body. Blessed/cursed with the heart fragility of an Enneagram 4, Wing 5. Finely tuned with a Sensory Processing Sensitivity. {i.e. I’m a special snowflake }
  • Sweet tooth junkie on a Low FODMAP diet. Healing myself one yummy recipe at a time.
  • Married to my 8th grade sweetheart: FIRST KISS. First heart break. First person I get to see each morning.
  • GODDESS BOOKWORM DIVINE by trade . . . you know, what librarians are more commonly known by on the street.
  • Mommy to a STAR WARS fanatic and a SINGING Elsa.
  • Follower of CHRIST.
  • A perfect BLEND of Scandinavian, German, French, Ojibway, Mohawk, Irish, Bavarian, Belgium, Scottish, Welsh, English, Russian, Iberian, and North African ancestry.
  • My SPECIAL TIME (reading & writing hours) = tall mugs of tea, Low FODMAP muffins, and loss of sleep.
  • Lover of vintage, SHABBY CHIC, and all things lace, white, or romantic.
  • Sucker for flowers, DARK CHOCOLATE, and love stories.
  • Will need to breath into a paper bag while driving over tall BRIDGES.
  • BLUSHES easier than your average gal.
  • Wakes up tired and goes to bed WIDE AWAKE.

Find me @ genevieve580 (at) gmail (dot) com, @ MyMoon76 on Twitter, @ Genevieve Angelique on Pinterest, or @ Genevieve Angelique on GoodReads.

Or just leave a message below. 🙂


Photography by Kirsty Gungor, freelance photographer for YOU magazine, contact & blog @ Lovelies in My Life

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